Permission denied (os:windows)

Am starting Elasticsearch like this
cd elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch.bat
but am getting permission denied when am accessing one of my es documents through my API.
am not understanding what's the issue here . Am using windows as my operating system.

If anyone knows the solution , please help me

Hello @RohitBR_K
I believe you have placed the elastisearch in C drive's permission required folder.

To sort out this you can two things:

  1. if you have admin rights launch the command prompt as administrator and then execute this command
  2. if you don't have admin rights then move this Elasticsearch folder to some other location and execute the command.

Keep Posted!!!Thanks!!!

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not working bro

Could you provide some screenshots on how you are accessing your es documents through your api
with the error message

this is it !

Could you try using the same command with
Cat api

GET _cat//

sorry I didn't get that. Can you please enlarge this

Could you try using the same command with
Cat api

GET _cat/<index-name>/<doc-name>?v=true&s=index


from cmd ?


yes, using curl command

curl -X GET "http://localhost:9200/<index>/_search?pretty" -u "<your-elastic-username>"

if you are accessing your cluster using credentials else the same command without credentials

curl -X GET "http://localhost:9200/<index>/_search?pretty

sorry , not working this bro

Could you share the output of the above command

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yes am getting that using the command you provide , but I wonder , why am getting that error when calling through API

I believe its more of a thing that needs to be checked in Django level which needs to focus on configuration part


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