Pg_trgm similarity ( text, text ) → real (postgresql Function) on ElasticSearch

Hello , i'm trying to imrpove the search time for a text from a postgresql database using Elasticsearch , the problem is the search returns a nameof product with best score using "similarity" function in Postgresql example :

select  , similarity(  , 'HORTIFRUTIGRANJEIROS/PITAYA') as sml
from products p 
order by sml desc limit 10

when changed to Elasticsearch , i used the java search API :

MatchQueryBuilder matchQueryBuilder = new MatchQueryBuilder("name", "HORTIFRUTIGRANJEIROS/PITAYA");
searchSourceBuilder.sort(new ScoreSortBuilder().order(SortOrder.DESC));
SearchRequest searchRequest = new SearchRequest();

but the order of products with score in the response is very different ,
Is there any way to find something similaire to similarity() function on Elasticsearch ? knowing that it uses the trigram for search , i found some resources about n-gram on Elasticsearch but nothing for the java search API .

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