Phonetic-Plugin in Maven-Repository is outdated

(Alex B) #1

I can download the current version from your Website, but maven central (which we use to setup our integration tests) lists 5.0.0-alpha5 as the newest version.

Is there a specific reason for this?

(David Pilato) #2

It's not recommended to run elasticsearch embedded.

The official download link is

But may be you can try:

      <!-- add the elasticsearch repo -->


(Alex B) #3

Thank you for your information.
This applies for integration testing regardless of running embedded or not. We are currently unpacking the plugins to the plugins dir via unpack-dependencies.

However, I cannot find the analysis-phonetic plugin on this maven server either. Browsing is disabled.
Also tried .zip/jar

          <-- Tried with and without zip -->

(Alex B) #4

We have now "solved" this by creating our own artifact and deploying it to our Nexus.
The "offline install" package was used as the base.

(system) #5

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