Phonetic plugin + Keyword tokenizer

I'm currently on a project which need to search fuzzily on a whole field, not fuzzy with words (or terms), so that I need the tokenizer "keyword". My question is, can the phonetic plugin at cooperate with that type of tokenizer?

The phonetic plugin brings a Token Filter. So it can be combined with whatever tokenizer you want.

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Thank you for your answer. I'm applying it. But I found a problem that, it seems like fuzzy like this and phonetic search could not work together !?
For example:
Searching with "leonorex" will not match "leonore" (I think adding "x" will make the word's pronunciation different than the origin), but I would like to have "leonorex" match with "leonore" (based on fuzzy search), how can I archive this?.
Glad if I could hear some solution, thank you very much !