PHP APM Agent is not picking up the routes

Kibana version: 8.11

Elasticsearch version:8.11

APM Server version:fleet managed apm 8.11

APM Agent language and version:apm-agent-php v1.12.0

Browser version: Version 121.0.6167.85

Original install method (e.g. download page, yum, deb, from source, etc.) and version: Ubuntu22.04

Fresh install or upgraded from other version? Fresh Install

I am using fleet server for the deployment. APM Server in the same sever.

I have two php apps first is contain of the php-v7.4 and second is contain of the php-v8.2

In php-v7.4 i have dashboard in which each detail of the route called.

In php-v8.5 i have dashboard in which i details of the cli is given not the requests.

All these installations are default ?

Hello, welcome to the community!

Have you followed the guide to setup the APM agent?

I don't really understand what is the issue, are you trying to send traces from the second app that don't show up on the UI?

In one app i can see routes information and in other i can not see the routes information.

After following the guide i have settled down the elastic then fleet then apm-server and now apm-agent

From the above screenshot i am having the cli transactions but not the routes transaction details

Hi @Ali_Mehdi

Please take a look at this section of Troubleshooting

Do you see the message mentioned there in the agent logs?

HI @Sergey_Kleyman

I can see the diagnostics logs in the file, but i can not find any error in all the logs they are mostly giving me the information of the agent configuration and system informations.

I can see the diagnostics logs in the file

I am not sure to which file you are referring - by default Elastic APM PHP Agent logs to syslog. Can you see log lines containing [Elastic APM PHP Tracer] in that log file?

In any case it's worth verifying if your issue is related to open_basedir PHP configuration option.
Do you have open_basedir PHP configuration option set? It's best to get output of phpinfo() in the context of your application handling web requests.
You can either follow steps in "Collection of diagnostic information" section of the agent's online documentation or you can add call to phpinfo() to your application and capture its output.

Please note that executing php -i from the command line is much easier to get PHP configuration but PHP configuration used for command line might be different from the configuration used by PHP to handle web requests. That is why php -i is not suitable for this issue.

service php8.2-fpm reload

This was the solution to my error after reloading i can see all the routes details and queries details.