I see the PHP APM Agent is available on Linux OS only:

Is there really no way to get it working on Windows server ? Or is there something equivalent for Windows OS ?

Hello Niclas,

There seems to be no way: The last try failed with compiler errors on Windows and the issue got closed. But if you want, you can give building from source another try as the issue was from 2021.

Best regards

Thank you, Wolfram. I'll have a look to that link.
Do you think we can run that PHP APM Agent within a Linux subsystem from Windows ?

I don't know any reason why it shouldn't work as it is a full Linux kernel and not only an abstraction on top of the Windows Kernel.

There is just one issue: You would need to run PHP on the WSL too as the apm agent is an extension to PHP and I don't know if you really want that. In my opinion, WSL is cool but it is more a developer tool and not a production ready platform.

Thank you for your input, Wolfram !