Elastic APM Agent for PHP

Hello, a few months ago I started developing an APM agent for PHP >= 5.4 .

I have seen that there is thought to develop an official agent (Elastic APM PHP Agent) however I would like to make the repository available here for anyone who can help you.

It is fully compatible with version 7.7.

And some interactions with widely used software:

  • Symfony Console
  • Symfony HttpKernel
  • Symfony Messenger
  • Doctrine DBAL
  • MongoDB
  • Guzzle
  • Twig
  • Dompdf

For improvements in network performance, the possibility of reporting the information to an intermediate storage and communicating it to APM-Server as traffic is alleviated is left.

PHP -> (Example: Local Redis, Files, etc...) -> APM Server

Thanks for everything and greetings!

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