Phrase suggester suggest complete phrase


i am using phrase suggester it return only single correction at a time . means if i search iicci lambord

it gives two suggestion
1.iicci lombard
2. icici lambord

but i want icici lambord in single phrase.

next problem.
if i search centr for sitgh

it gives centre for singh but center for singh is not present in my database
center for sight present in my database .i know it suggest on the basses of token(singh exist in database) but i want to suggestion on the bases of complete phrase.

"suggest" : {
"text" : "centre for sitgh",
"simple_phrase" : {
"phrase" : {
"analyzer" : "simple",
"field" : "_all",
"size" : 2,
"real_word_error_likelihood" : 0.50,
"confidence" : 2.0,
"gram_size" : 2,
"highlight": {
"pre_tag": "",
"post_tag": ""
"direct_generator" : [{
"field" : "_all",
"suggest_mode" : "always",
"min_doc_freq" : 1,
"min_word_len" : 1


please help me

thank you

I have fixed first problem but i have not got any solution for second problem

If i search centre for sitgh it return center for singh/centre for sight/centre for singha

but phrase center for singh/centre for singha not exist in my database i want only centre for sight because this phrase exist in my elasticsearch database.

please help