Pie chart least used

I am trying to create a pie chart with the least 10 used permissions.
I am trying this

But it does not give me the correct number of users for each permission. I am getting only 1.

How can I create a visualization to display the least used permissions?


Hey @Alice_Ionescu, your configuration seems ok to me. Which are the available terms (permissions) for this specific timerange? (You can check in Discover)

There are a lot.

But when I give a year as timeframe I am getting 1 user for each permission (10 permissions in total).

But if I filter on one permission I can see I have 2 users assigned on that specific permission (the timeframe is the same)

So I would have expected that for an year as a timeframe, and no permission selected I would see also 2 users for that permission

I see, as mentioned on the ES documentation the terms aggregation can return wrong results if the non-default order is used Terms aggregation | Elasticsearch Guide [8.6] | Elastic

If you create this chart in Lens, you can turn on the accuracy setting that will render more accurate results.

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