Pie Graph Visualization


Dear All,

I want to create one pie graph visualization for second row visualizations as mentioned in the screenshot meanwhile want to add filters as required .

These two different visualizations want to fetch together for different conditions (filters).

Please guide us some steps for it. likewise, I want to create another pie chart visualization for third rows i.e. zip, jpg,jpeg,pdf, mp4 having various conditions.

Hi, you can use Lens, our visualization editor, to build these pie charts. You can follow a bit the guide here but in general you need to select your data view, your chart type and then configure the chart depending on your needs.

In your case, for example, to build the second row you need to:

  • use a count of records as Metric
  • use Filters with two filters: one with these DMS upload size = 0 and another with DMS upload size > 0

With that, you can display a pie chart with the two values above.

Similar with the next row, where your filters should contain file types you are looking for.

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