Pinned Filters Passed Through Dashboard URL Are Not Applied

Hello! I recently posted a question regarding this issue, but unfortunately the topic was closed before I got around to responding to the first reply. I am working for a company that utilizes Kibana dashboards to view client data and I have been tasked with passing in filters through the dashboards URL (the embedded dashboards are rendered inside an iFrame) but the filters I pass only appear briefly and then disappear (note: filters are being passed through the URL to the dashboards globalState).

The Kibana version we use is primarily 7.17.

I was given a link to the following: The filters added to the dashboard have been removed from the url · Issue #123401 · elastic/kibana · GitHub)
I however am still confused as to how to utilize this to solve my problem and have a few questions.

My question is this: This code has a link to a PR which suggests appending the following code, " {yourKibanaURL}/app/dashboards#/create?_a=(query:(language:kuery,query:'testing hello')) ", to solve the problem. Would this result in a new dashboard being created, if so would this be an efficient solution to my problem (pinned filters not being applied when passed through the Kibana URL given to an iFrame). Our platform has hundreds of dashboards across multiple spaces and they are accessed daily by a variety of employees to monitor client systems. Would this solution be inefficient considering the scale of our enterprise?

I have experimented with multiple solutions, and have successfully passed in filters that remain on the dashboard (this however required using a timeout which after 10 seconds would modify the dashboard URL to then include the desired pinned filters), but this obviously is not a solution I want to use.

If there are any other solutions that would help solve our problem, please suggest them!

Thank you!

Hello again, just wanted to follow up! TO answer a question from my previous post, the URL I pass in to the dashboard is reset, the URL that it ultimately renders the dashboard with does not include the filters that I pass through the URL given to the iFrame.

Also, as a side question: to by-pass this issue I have been considering building a custom Kibana plug-in to accept and apply filters from our React front-end. Would this be an option worth pursuing? We are currently using versions 7.17.6, though a few older dashboards may be using 7.17.3 or 7.17.4.

Hello! Just posting in here again so that topic doesn't close! If any one has any insight or information, I'd highly appreciate some assistance!

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