Pipeline name in body of _update_by_query request

is it possible to specify id/name of pipeline in body of _update_by_query request?

POST _update_by_query?pipeline=id_of_pipeline
   # How to specify pipeline here? Is it possible?

The pipeline needs to be set as a parameter.

Is there a special reason, why you need to set that in the body?

Hello @spinscale,
I've read that at the certification exam answer shouldn't contain header of request.

sorry, I am not sure I understand, a query parameter has nothing to do with a header.

I thought to do something like that:

POST _update_by_query
  "pipeline" : "name_of_pipeline"

= specifying pipeline name in body, not in header like

POST _update_by_query?pipeline=name_of_pipeline

As already mentioned this is not possible. I was merely confused by your last statement about headers as that request does not contain any header as this is a parameter. I was thinking in terms of HTTP headers here, thus my confusion.

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OK. Thank you @spinscale.

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