Pipieline Agrregation

I have fiels as product_score for each products_Id field,also have a filed name category for each of product_id . I want to visualize as Meters for get Maximum of the sum of product_score for each category. How could I use pipeline aggregation for get suitable results?

Hi, welcome to the discuss forum! Your use case makes sense. I think that you can do this using the aggregated Bar Chart in Kibana. On your X axis you choose Terms of product_category. On the Y axis, choose Sibling Pipeling > Overall Max.

Split the Overall Max by Terms of products_id, calculating the top values based on Count or something else. choose the metric to be Max of product_score. The sort order has to be different from the metric due to this bug: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/87511

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Thank you for your guidline ,It seems practical for me .

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