PKI Authentication query

Hello All,

I'm using PKI based authentication for accessing kibana,The issue I'm facing is for the very first time using my PKI , I enter my password and it authenticates correctly.
But now when I'm accessing the kibana URL again then again it ask for authentication password.
My requirement is once the authentication using PKI is done for very first time,next time it should not ask again to authenticate.

Please let me know how to achive the desired outcome.


Do you mean your Kibana (Elasticsearch) password?
If so, then you are not using PKI authentication - PKI never asks for a password.

Helli @TimV ,

Thanx for your time and for responding on this.

Kibana is configured to authenticate with pki card. The dashboards is embedded into another custom angular based ui application. Currently, the embedded page is showing authentication failure. We need to visualize the embedded page without authentication.
Mainly, we are looking that embedded dashboard should work fine without asking pki credentials.

Error and screenshot below:
We hit authentication error.Try logging in again, and if problem persist,contact your system administrator.

Kibana version 8.7.1


I'm still struggling to resolve this, any help or suggestion would be helpful here.

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