Please bring back the Foundation articles


I have just started learning Elasticsearch. The writing on was some of the most lucid in learning about the project. A few weeks ago I saw that it's now redirected to, a collection of plainly less quality material. Consequently, I'm using the Wayback Machine as my principle source for Elasticsearch documentation. Please bring back the Foundation, and have the same guys produce more of this material. (And don't let what appears to be a Marketo-crazed marketing dept run your website).



Hi Sigurd,

Thank you so much for kind words about the Foundation articles. The articles are being moved to the Elastic blog site, (atm. 25/50 are moved) so they will all be available there soon. I have to admit that it's not easy to search and navigate the Elastic blog, but we are working on it by adding tags, categories and filtering on search results. We will continue producing articles on Elasticsearch in general and Found in particular. There is a new article being released over the next couple of days on the topic of _ttl or Time to Live mapping. So stay tuned.

Hi Sigurd,

the Foundation articles still exist on, but you need the exact URLs to access them.

Here's a list:

Hope this helps