Please point me to Beats 5.6 build server (Solaris compiled)

I was wondering if there was still a build server that had the compiled 5.6 version of beats (Filebeats, Metricbeats, etc) for Solaris. A few months ago I found a 5.5 Filebeats version that was compiled for Solaris on nightly build and it worked perfectly. Really hoping I don't need to build 5.6 myself on Solaris (No GO installed on company Solaris servers by IT). Let me know if build servers are only doing 6.0 and 7.0 now.

Also if anyone happens to have them please let me know. :grinning:

We are in a similar situation as you and need both filebeats and metricbeats 5.6 compiled for Solaris. We do not have the capacity to compile the build on our local server.

Anyone? I'm really surprised that someone hasn't pointed me to the build servers. There has to be historical builds right? Please help if possible. Thanks!

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