Please reconsider hosting docker image on Docker Hub

Just found out the original elasticsearch, logstash and kibana images on Docker Hub are marked as deprecated, and all the images will be hosted on repository, and there will be no update for the Docker Hub repositories.

I understand the official docker image might not involved with the elastic team, so call it an official might upset some people here. However, this is an Open Source project, then why not cooperate with Docker Team, get involved with making an real official docker image for ELK stack? or, at least host the official images under elastic repositories?

I'm not against elastic team have its own repository, this is ok. However, please, at least provide a copy of Docker images on Docker Hub.

Moving away from Docker Hub is a very bad decision for users in China. As GFW exists, we cannot access HTTPS servers outside of GFW smoothly. Fortunately, we have a few docker registry mirroring services for Docker Hub, so as long as the images is on Docker Hub, we can use them without problem. But not for other services, we already have difficulties of accessing the Docker images on, Moving ELK stack way from Docker Hub will make the problem even worse.

I'm not the only one have this problem, many people like me facing the same issue.

So, please reconsidering hosting the docker images on Docker Hub, or at least, put a copy of the images there. Thanks.

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Thanks for raising this concern! We've started a discussion internally on how to best approach this.

Generally the reasons against Docker Hub are that

  • we are using containers internally a lot and where not satisfied with Docker Hub's reliability and performance (outside of China)
  • we gather a lot of insights from download statistics and you cannot get that data from Docker Hub

Just a quick update: We're currently trying to get through the legal side of this discussion. Once we've done that we'll get to the technical solution.

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Thanks for your reply. I hope you work out a solution finally. I really hope your team can work with Docker team to create a real offcial docker image on Docker Hub. Cooperation is the best part of an open source project, right?

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Hi, xeraa, any updates? haven't heard from you for more than a month, are you still working on this issue?

Please note that we do not provide ETAs for, well, anything really. Sometimes these things take time :slight_smile:

It is in the hands of the legal team right now, so I'm a bit out of the loop, but it is my understanding that we want to do this "properly" and not go down the quick and dirty route of having somebody host a mirror for us; but let's see.

Sorry that this seems to be moving slowly from the outside.

@twang2218 so it took some time, but we have just pushed our images to Docker Hub under At some later point we will probably also update what you get with docker pull elasticsearch, but for now you can use docker pull elastic/elasticsearch.

Hope this works for you and sorry again for the long delay!


hahaha, noes I just spent half an hour trying to download the elastic image in china, before I realized that this mirror exists. Is it possible to link the mirror to the original logstash docker image so people have an easier time finding it?


We are trying to take over the "official" images you get with docker pull elasticsearch,... as well, but right now this doesn't work with our approach of building the images. We'll see when we get there, but it's on our todo list.