Plot 2 line with different filter on the same canvas

I am really newbie in Elastic/Kibana etc sorry if my teminology is not correct.

I am trying to create a line plot with two lines, each line has a different filter.
I can create the 2 plots separately, but I don't know how to overlap them.

All the data are on the same Index/Data view, I just would like, when I add another layer to the plot, to have the possibility to give another set of filters.

Is this possible?

I am using Kibana 8.5


Hi @fdevoto

welcome to the Kibana community.
Are you using the Canvas app or it's ok to use the Lens editor as well?

Hi @Marco_Liberati,

I am mainly using the Lens editor, I didn't use the Canvas app yet, but I am happy to learn :slight_smile:


It's ok with Lens, just trying to understand as the title was a bit confusing.

If the dataView used is the same for both, it is possible to define a filter for each metric dimension in Lens:

Hi @Marco_Liberati,

that's perfect! Thanks a lot!

I missed the filter in the Advanced option.


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