Plot errors from a farm of devices over time

Hi All,

I am trying to plot the errors generated by a farm of devices over time.

X-Axis shall represent the timeline & Y-Axis shall represent device id. And all the failures/errors generated by the device shall be plotted. So in the graph we should be able to see "X" mark whenever error has occurred. On hovering the mouse on top of the "X" mark, the error message shall be displayed.

Is such a visualization possible in Kibana? If yes, please refer me to some useful links . If not then what tool could do this.

I am new to Kibana, so kindly excuse me if this is something basic.

Thanks & Regards,

You might look at Vega -

However, I'm not certain that the hover is possible.

You might take a look at Kibana's sample data and visualizations and see if something is similar to what you want and learn how its done.

Thanks Matthew. I think I will need custom visualisation & so Vega should help here. Let me explore it.


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