Plot grouped and normalized values on bar chart?


I collect the exit status for sessions reported by many IOT-devices. To get an overview, I would like to group a few of the statuses and then plot them on a bar chart. On the X axis I want to have the SW version the IOT devices are running and then use stacked bars to show 3 categories of exit statuses. Since there wil be many more statuses for older releases I would like to normalize the count with the total number of sessions for each SW version. That would give me a value between 0 and 100% for all SW version.

An example with some data:
exit statuses for successful:

  • Finished
  • MaintenanceFinished

exit status for when the user has affected the session:

  • Aborted
  • Postponed

Exit statuses for failur:

  • Timeout
  • Error
  • Crash

I want to this:
SUM(COUNT(status == Finished), Count(status = MaintenanceFinished)) / COUNT(status)
SUM(COUNT(status == Aborted), Count(status = Postponed)) / COUNT(status)
SUM(COUNT(status == Timeout), Count(status = Error), Count(status = Crash)) / COUNT(status)
plot that in a stacked bar chart and then split by SW version.

How can do that?

Hi @NiclasK,

sorry for the late reply. Did you manage to solve your problem?

Yes, I ended up creating a scripted field that categorize the statuses and then I plot that.

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