Plotting nested data in Kibana

(Mehdi) #1

Here's a typical document I'm working with:

    "_source": {
      "timestamp": "2017-04-26T08:28:00",
      "signals": [
          "par": "signalA",
          "value": 76.36666666666666
          "par": "signalB",
          "value": 96
          "par": "signalC",
          "value": 72

where "signals" is nested. Question:

How can I plot any (or multiple) of these signals as a function of time?

Thank you!

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Kibana currently does not support nested object. mentions some workarounds.

Is there a reason you need to have signals as nested? If it was an object you could chart them all over time.

(Mehdi) #3

Thanks for the answer, Tyler! In the project that I'm working on, people had used this kind of structure before me. I guess back then it kinda made sense but now I'm not too sure either.

(Tyler Smalley) #4

If you're considering changing it - it's good to understand how Elasticsearch treats arrays with an object type. There is information on that here:

(system) #5

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