Plotting results from multiple ES queries


I'm trying to plot results that require multiple queries to compile as a list. In one specific case, I want to measure the precision in the top k results from 1 to 10, for example.

How would one go about visualizing this Kibana. Right now, I've make several queries to ES and visualize this with PyPlot... Can Kibana read this from a REST API?


Kibana is really only set up to do one query at a time. TSVB and Timelion allow you to get a little more power and execute multiple queries, as does Canvas (currently in tech preview), but the rest of the parts of Kibana currently can not.

Can Kibana read this from a REST API?

Unfortunately, no, Kibana can only read data from Elasticsearch. You could index the results in ES though, then it would be available in Kibana.

Thanks for the insight :slight_smile: I'll try and see if that's possible with Timelion

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