Pls help me on Kibana Piechart Donut with center total count

I have to show PieChart with center value as total count and each slice to show the value.
Example like.
Total number of Invoices in the center of Pie Chart and slices with invoice source like Contracts, Projects, online invoice.

Hi @Ram_Raj

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Are we talking about a donut chart within a dashboard or for a custom development?

In the former case having the total count in the center of the donut it's not possible, while if you intend to use the raw Elastic Charts in a custom development plugin something can be done. But the latter is a totally different amount of work and required skills compared to the former.

currently developed visualization with Kibana donut chart. if not possible with Kibana
donut chart. Pls help me custom template if possible

That's not possible.
Here there's a short description of the design problem with the text in the center of a donut chart and why it's not supported: Text inside donut pie charts · Issue #7446 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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