Plug in kibana

Hello everyone ! I need help, I would like someone to explain to me step by step how to install a plugin for sankey visualization

Thank you to the future person who will help me!

You don't really need a custom plugin for this, a custom visualization using vega will allow you to do this: Sankey Visualization with Vega in Kibana 6.2 | Elastic Blog

yes i know, but i want to make a multilevel sankey diagram and from what I understood it is very complicated to achieve it in customized visualization

Creating a custom visualization plugin for Kibana is arguably even more complex. Here is documentation for plugin development in general: External plugin development | Kibana Guide [8.2] | Elastic

AS an example check out how the tagcloud visualization is implemented - sankey would be similar: kibana/src/plugins/vis_types/tagcloud at main · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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