Plugin cipher (Deterministic encryption + iv_random_length)


I would like to do "deterministic encryption" with the cipher plugin, which requires not to have a "random iv".

Unfortunately, even if the official documentation says that the "iv_random_length" parameter is not a requiered parameter, I think that it is:

[ERROR] 2020-06-12 11: 12: 44.931 [Converge PipelineAction :: Create <main>] cipher - Missing a required setting for the cipher filter plugin:

   filter {
     cipher {
       iv_random_length => # SETTING MISSING

=> Can you tell me if I'm right ? And if not, which ciphers can be used to omit this parameter ?

Thank you so much,


In the filter source code it is tagged as required, so the documentation is wrong.

Thank you !!!
When the documentation is false, we think we are doing wrong, and therefore we waste our time trying to make it work ...

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