SHA256 or MD5 in Logstash cipher filter plugin algorithm


I'm using cipher filter plugin in my Logstash configuration and the only example I saw until now for the algorithm is aes-256-cbc and I'd like to use md5 or sha256. How is it possible?

Here is my configuration below:

cipher {
				algorithm => "aes-256-cbc"
				cipher_padding => 1
				iv_random_length => 16
				key => "KEY_OF_32_CHAR"
				key_size => 32
				mode => "encrypt"
				source => "message"
				target => "message_crypted"
				base64 => true
				max_cipher_reuse => 1

The documentation tells you how to list the available ciphers.

Do not use MD5, it was known to be flawed 30 years ago, and was clearly broken 20 years ago. SHA-1 was deprecated in 2005, do not use that either. It is time to move away from SHA-256 but right now it is still secure.

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