Plugin development - Could not find plugin class exception


I'm trying to upgrade a plugin from ES1.4 to ES2.3. Our plugin uses the Apache cTAKES engine to process documents before they are indexed. cTAKES apparently has an open issue at the moment which causes a URI is not hierarchical exception when it is run from a jar file as opposed to a .class files. This is caused because internally they should be using getResourceAsStream but it is not something that I can change at the moment.

My question is this, currently when I package my plugin as a .jar file under the plugin directory it starts to load but I get the URI is not hierarchical exception. In order to avoid this exception I tried placing the actual .class files under the plugin directory unpackaged from the jar file.

my files has an entry


my directory structure is: j:\elastic-search-2.3.1\plugins\myplugin\com\something\something\pluginclassname.class

However I get an exception from Elastic: could not find plugin class.

Do I have to package my file as a jar file in order for elastic to find my class or am I doing something incorrectly here?

I'd appreciate any help here as I've spent several days on this trying all kinds of things.


You should repackage cTAKES into a self-built custom jar in order to fix the URI is not hierarchical exception and patch the resource loader with getResourceAsStream() call.