Plugin for bandwidth


I searched but not found if theres a beat for sending information about bandwidth of a server.
I found that collectd can take informaticon about traffic of an interface in octets, which i don't know what is actually.

I'm sure there's a way to get information about bandiwdht use of an intreface.


There is an open PR to packetbeat to provide flow information:

Hi ruffin,
As i understand, there's nthing to do right now?

Maybe i can parse that information if i know how to send trought collectd or beats, taking the content of a file as a number.
Does someone knows how to parse log as a number? I mean, i calculate the bandwidth and interface is consuming, how to parse that data as a number to logstash.


I reply to myself,

Finally i done it.
If someone is interested, i save in a file bytes consumed per second. Then with grok (i didn't know that) i use type NUMBER, so elastic can take it as a number field. Then in kibana i can show the consumption of network.


This sounds over-complicated. Use-cases sounds like good candidate for topbeat or even better metricbeats.