Plugin install fails with error [ES 2.4.1]

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Hi there,
We have a powershell script that deploys Elasticsearch cluster. It does powershell remoting to run a bunch of commands directly in ES nodes. One of the command is calling the plugin,bat with right set of arguments. It was working fine till ES 2.1.1 and still works fine on small machines. But it fails in larger machines (example: DS_5_v2 azure VM where we have 56 GB RAM). The error is -

"Could not reserve enough space for object heap"

Any inputs?

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Just a quick update on this one.. we have fixed the issue! The issue was with the DS5_v2 machines. They have 56 GB RAM and since plugin.bat doesn't specify -Xmx and -Xms while invoking java. Java leverages default values and since it is a high RAM machine, the default values for InitialHeapSize and MaxHeapSize are high. PS remoting has default limit of 1 GB, hence the problem while initializing JVM.

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