Plugin update question

I have a question about when updates are available for newer releases of logstash plugins. There is a new release of the logstash-code-netflow plugin available.

However when I go to update my logstash using the plugin update it says that it is going to update from 2.0.5 (which apparently is the default with v2.3.2 of logstash) to v3.0.0

My question is when can I expect that a release of a plugin would be available via the plugin update process?

When I go to update I am executing the following

[admin@bulverde logstash-2.3.2]$ bin/logstash-plugin update logstash-codec-netflow
You are updating logstash-codec-netflow to a new version 3.0.0, which may not be compatible with 2.0.5. are you sure you want to proceed (Y/N)?
Updating logstash-codec-netflow
No plugin updated
[admin@bulverde logstash-2.3.2]$

In fact, it doesn't even appear to successfully update to v3.0.0


Actually, new releases are not get from github but from here :

And on, last release is 3.0.0.
That's why you don't get last github release.

So either you clone the tag and make the gem and install it to logstash, either you contact to push gem to

Thank you, I’ve reached out to Jorrit.