Point to point question


I currently used the Logstash net flow plugin to accept sflow from a PaloAlto firewall however when I select the geo locations for a source and destination nothing appears on the map screen and also no errors. I have tried looking for documentation to ensure the data which is being feed is of the correct syntax but I cannot find anything. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks

Which version of the stack are you using ? That sounds like there's indeed a difference in ingestion and mapping between the two environments.Could you show us the mapping for that fields in both environments and possibly the source of a document from each?



I have figured out the issue and its my fault. The reason I have nothing being mapped is due to my logs only containing either a destination or source geo location as my firewall would be at the other end or is an internal/private IP, thus doesn't get mapped. Would you know how to add a geo location if nothing is present?


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