Poor performance after upgrading elasticsearch to 2.2

Hi Team,
Currently I am running elasticsearch with three nodes. Couple of days back I upgraded elasticsearch from 2.1.1 to 2.2.0. In one of the index I have around 52 million records and I am running a simple query to get the first inserted record using the time field which is in epoch time format.

Below is the query

     "size": 0,
     "filter": {
         "query": {
             "range": {
                "time": {
                   "from": "now-1d",
                   "to": "now"
     "aggs": {
      "min_time": {
         "min": {
            "field": "time"

Now this simple query is taking like 8 min to return min value. Before upgrading to was comparatively fast. Is this a know issue?