Possibility of doing something like a value_count agg on doc_count?

I am trying to determine my power users vs my casual users based on the number of log lines I find their specific user_id in with respect to other metadata fields that I have logged.

I want to ultimately end up with a list of my user_id's whose doc_count exceeds or is beneath a value given by some filters.

Everywhere I've turned so far implies this isn't possible but if I extend out the size of my query manually to include a size like, 'eleventy-bagillion' and capture all of my users I get a doc upper bound error of 0 (implying I now have all of my users and their respective doc_counts) but surely there must be an easier way to determine this metric than iterating over the result manually checking if doc_count is > or < a value... right? /crosses_fingers

If not, is this at least in the works?