Possible goroutine leak in sql module when database is not available

Used metricbeat Version: 7.12.1


we're using the metricbeat sql module to gather some metrics. During Downtime of our Database, I observed slowly increasing memory consumption from metricbeat.

I tried to reproduce this with the following metricbeat config with a non-existent Database:
(example config from the Metricbeat reference)

- module: sql
    - query
  period: 10s
  hosts: ["root:root@tcp(localhost:3306)/ps"]

  driver: "mysql"
  sql_query: "SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE 'Innodb_system%'"
  sql_response_format: variables

While metricbeat was running, I could see a steady increase in memory consumption from metricbeat.

I restarted metricbeat with the httpprof parameter and could observe that many


goroutines are being created.

goroutine profile: total 10395
10305 @ 0x1f2cd25 0x1f3ce8f 0x39018d5 0x1f63e41
#	0x39018d4	database/sql.(*DB).connectionOpener+0xf4	/usr/local/go/src/database/sql/sql.go:1126 

With debug=2

goroutine 2004 [select, 14 minutes]:
database/sql.(*DB).connectionOpener(0xc000df6dd0, 0x5fa9520, 0xc00096b940)
	/usr/local/go/src/database/sql/sql.go:1126 +0xf5
created by database/sql.OpenDB
	/usr/local/go/src/database/sql/sql.go:740 +0x12a

After some debugging I think I figured out what happens.

In beats/sql.go at v7.12.1 · elastic/beats · GitHub
there is a check to test if the connection to the database works and if not, returns an error - but in case there is an error, the Database is never closed and leaking the goroutine.

To test my assumption, I replaced the code

	if err != nil {
		return nil, errors.Wrap(err, "testing connection")


if err != nil {
	if dbx != nil {
	return nil, errors.Wrap(err, "testing connection")

After replacing the code, I could not observe further memory growth or goroutine creations.

Can you please check if my assumption is correct or if this is even a bug?

Thanks and regards,


Thanks for the investigation! Would you mind opening an issue for Beats or even prepare a pull request?

I created an issue: Possible goroutine leak in metricbeat sql module when database is not available · Issue #25840 · elastic/beats (github.com)

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