Enabling postgresql module in Metricbeat causes crash

I recently installed Metricbeat on a windows server 2016 and enabled apache and Postgresql modules. After almost a day after this my Postgres crashed with an error no buffer space available. I had to reboot the system to get it fixed then and in another 12 hours it crashed again. When I inspected the connections in TCPView, I could see a lot of connections between Metricbeat and Postgres and it kept growing. So I disabled the Postgres module and it was all back to normal.

Is there a setting I can limit the number of connections between the 2?


That sounds like a bug in Metricbeat.

Which version are you using?

Did you customize the settings for the postgresql module?

Thanks for the quick response.

I am using Metricbeat 6.6.2. I did not customise anything related to the postgresql module. I downloaded Metricbeat, enabled the modules and started the service

I'm trying to reproduce the issue, stay tuned.

I could reproduce it but couldn't come up with a fix, so I created an bug report:

Great.. Thanks

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