Metricbeat postgresql shows timeout error

Hi, I'm using metricbeat to monitor my postgres server. I've tried telnet and also able to successfully ping my postgres server. But metricbeat is showing this error message: "QueryStats: dial tcp <my_pg_IP>:5432: i/o timeout"

Hi @Abhimanyu_Kaushal and welcome :slight_smile:

This is strange because actually the postgresql module doesn't do anything fancy with the connection, an I/O timeout uses to indicate a connectivity problem.
How are you deploying metricbeat? Are you checking the connection from the exact same host as the one showing this error? Could you also check with a postresql cli client?

I think the problem was with my server security group. It was not configured to receive TCP connections. I've changed my security group settings and will need to reboot my machine. Currently it's in production environment so I cannot reboot. So, I'll have to wait till midnight. But still, thanks for the quick response.

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