Metricbeat GCP Billing metricset fails with timeout error

I enabled the gcp module for metricbeat and used the billing metricset as:

- module: gcp
    - billing
  period: 24h
  project_id: "project"
  credentials_file_path: "/etc/metricbeat/service-account.json"
  dataset_id: "dataset-id"
  #table_pattern: "table pattern"
  #cost_type: "regular"

When I run the metricbeat module test I get the following error:
metricbeat test modules gcp

    error... ERROR timeout waiting for an event
[root@server1 bin]# metricbeat test config
Config OK

My config looks ok, I get metrics from different modules like system and linux for example.

Not sure what I am doing wrong.
Also my metricbeat logs are not populating but it could be related to something else.

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