Possible to create a timeseries like timelion in table object?

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Hi All,
I have created som pretty cool charts in timelion. Now, I would like to see the same data in a table instead but cant re-use the expression in the visualization part of kibana. Is there a possibility to create tables in Timelion instead of a "line"-chart? The data is the same. Shouldnt be any problem present the data in a table instead?

Any suggestions?


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Probably you could use a Data Table visualization for the same . The data can be represented in the form of tables in it . You could then add it to a dashboard to see the Timelion and data table visualization side by side.
Am not quite sure if you can have tables instead of line chart in Timelion.


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Hi Rashmi,
Well my expression results in a line where the x-axis is the time. I would like to create a table where the first column is the same time on the x-axis, and the second column is the value of that particular time just as in the line chart.

This is my expression and I dont know how ta create a table in the visualization part of kibana. Any suggestion is appreciated.

.es(_exists_:candles.highMid, timefield=candles.time,offset=-1d).if(eq, 0, null, .es(timefield=candles.time,offset=-1d,metric=sum:candles.highMid)).fit(average).max(.es(_exists_:candles.highMid, timefield=candles.time).if(eq, 0, null, .es(timefield=candles.time,metric=sum:candles.highMid)).fit(average))


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Unfortunately timelion does not support output to a table.

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Hi Rashid,
Do you know if that's something supported in kibana 6?

(Rashid Khan) #6

There are no plans to support this in Kibana 6, however it is supported in Canvas which is due for public alpha later this year.

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