Possible to query if two texts match via the _analyze APIs?


Hi I have some custom analysers in my index, I want to test if two input texts are considered a match using one or some or any of these analysers via the _analyze APIs.

e.g. doing a POST to host/_analyze with {"analyzer": "my_custom_analyser", "text": "elasticsearch"} would give me all the analysed tokens from the input text "elasticsearch" with "my_custom_analyser". At the moment I will have to run through the returned tokens to do a string equality test in my code for the other text I would like to test, in order to check if they match. I wonder if there is a convenient API that takes two input texts and return a simple true/false result, for example {"analyzer": "my_custom_analyser", "analyse_text": "elasticsearch", "search_text": "elastic"} would return true/false if "elasticsearch" and "elastic" is a match or not after analysed by "my_custom_analyser".

Better yet if I can simply issue {"analyzers": ["my_custom_analyser1", "my_custom_analyser2"], "analyse_text": "elasticsearch", "search_text": "elastic"}, the API would return {"my_custom_analyser1": true, "my_custom_analyser2": false} (i.e. to test with multiple analysers all at once without issuing multiple API calls.

Is the _analyze APIs capable to do all these (now)?

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It's interesting, but _analyze API doesn't have these features right now.
You should to post twice and test in your code.

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