Possible values for ‘discovery-type’ (re-opening)

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I'm not satisfied with this setting, given @DavidTurner's answer:

single-node is the only permitted value for discovery.type . The only other option is not to set it at all.

How would one 'script' it (or make an 'env variable' value) in Elasticsearch.yml?

Would be good to be able to run a node in two modes: if this setting has only one possible value it should not be called 'type', but rather

discovery.single_node_mode: true

(and default it to false)

QUestion: if in Elasticsearch.yml I use:

discovery.type: ${ES_DISCOVERY_TYPE}

and then I run it with either:
ES_DISCOVERY_TYPE set to 'single-node', or not set at all => will it be okay (and valid) to run ith with empty value?

And you should consider deprecating this setting and adding such a flag instead really..



I wouldn't recommend using this setting at all. It's only there to bypass some safety checks for simple test environments. If you're scripting your deployment you shouldn't need to do that.

We're actually considering removing it entirely.

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Great, I actually just verified and wanted to mention it - that it does not seem to be needed any more!
Thanks for reply!

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