Possible ways to allow write on restricted indies in v8.x

Hi there,
I have migrated my data from cluster version 7.8 to new cluster version 8. now I want to transfer my pipelines from old cluster to new one. the problem is that in version 8 the .logstash index is restricted and any write or reindex attempts to it causes 403 error. is there any way to allow write to such restricted index like this in v8?

index name starts with . dot is system index
how about using another name?

This is a breaking change.

You will need to create/change the role for your user and set allow_restricted_indices to true as mentioned in the breaking changes documentation.

I would also suggest to not use custom indices starting with a dot as they are considered system indices, the access to them may be removed on a future version.

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Thanks Leandro. So I need a role to add this permission and use it on my user