Post bulk Json -Error

I tried to post this Json:
POST /Sky/external/_bulk?pretty
{ "altitde": 11887.2,
"callsign": "ABX2040 ",
"heading": 75.43,
"icao24": "aa5b9f",
"latitde": 40.0233,
"longitde": -80.3336,
"on_grond": "False",
"origin_contry": "nited States",
"sensors": "None",
"time_position": 1499164197,
"time_velocity": 1499164197,
"velocity": 270.02,
"vertical_rate": 0}
{ "altitde": 10972.8,
"callsign": "",
"heading": 191.74,
"icao24": "842194",
"latitde": "None",
"longitde": "None",
"on_grond": "False",
"origin_contry": "Japan",
"sensors": "None",
"time_position": "None",
"time_velocity": 1499164181,
"velocity": 199.67,
"vertical_rate": 0}
And Got this Error when Execute:
"type": "illegal_argument_exception",
"reason": "Action/metadata line [1] contains an unknown parameter [ID]"

The APIs are case sensitive and the key you need to use for the id of the document is _id. see for more information on the bulk format. the index operation should also be lowercased (should be index)

Hi Thanks
Got It!

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