Postgresql with elasticsearch

(Anmol Gupta) #1

i want to feed elasticsearch with relational database postgresql (that is from tables) and want to see its result on can i do that??
waiting for answer from team elastic as soon as possible..
please reply

(Mark Walkom) #2

There's a few options - Logstash + JDBC plugin, there's a community supplied plugin @jprante, or you can write something yourself.

(Anmol Gupta) #4

i followed the steps of jprante but i am stuck with an error : could not find or load main class . Can you tell me what went wrong? there is a discussion on gitHub but i didnt get it. please reply soon

(Jörg Prante) #5

Your configuration of JDBC importer is obviously not complete or not correct. Please stick with the github issue and give more information about your environment and the steps you took. There is no JDBC importer support for Windows because I can not test Windows. Help/pull requests are welcome.

(system) #6