Potential Elasticsearch bug: Index yellow but one or more primary shards unassigned

I'm testing es snapshot restoration on opendistro 7.1.1. Immediately after snapshot restore api call(POST /_snapshot/my_backup/snapshot_1/_restore) returns, all the indices are in yellow state. In most of them there are one or more unassigned primary shards(in some cases all primary shards are unassigned). So by definition these indices should be in red state, but they are in yellow state. Is my understanding correct? Is this an Elasticsearch bug?


Note that we don't support not official distributions here.

But having yellow state on a one node cluster is correct. Only replicas are unassigned.

@dadoonet I'm new to Elasticsearch. Can you please tell me which es distributions are official?

Opendistro is not Elasticsearch, we only support Elasticsearch as produced and released by us - Download Elastic Products | Elastic

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