Powershell query examples

I do my scripting in python, usually using the elaticsearch-dsl. I want to convert a simple query to Powershell to share with some non-python users.

If I could find a simple query that uses the scroll API, I could use it as a starting point, but all the examples I find seem to be unduly complicated.

Here's the central logic of my python:

s = Search(using=es, index = 'winlogbeat-*') \
        .query("match", source_name="MSExchange CmdletLogs") \
        .query("exists", field="event_data.param12") \
        .filter("range", **  {'@timestamp': {'gte': 'now-24h/m', 'lt': 'now/m'}})

for hit in s.scan(): 
    if "needle" in hit["event_data"]["param12"]:

Basically, I need to do a text search on the param12 field but it's stored as a keyword. I can shrink the sample down to a few 1000 events in the elasticsearch query and text scan those results quickly.

So, I just need a simple example to start with :slight_smile:

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