Pre-Define Colors for Stacked Bar chart

Trying to plot a stacked bar chart in Kibana. Is there a way where we can define a fixed color palette for the stacked bars to select from rather than automatically selecting the colors

In the above image, trying to plot a graph of Processed Vs Rejected Records coming from source. Source names can be anythings, In my example it is defined a GNUP-1,GNUP-2 and GNUP-3. Is there a way where I can say

Source 1 Processed - Green
Source 1 Rejected - Red
Source 2 Processed - Yellow
Source 2 Rejected - Orange
.. etc
I have selected the colors what I need in my dashboard and then imported back on other system. Since source names are different it selected the colors automatically.

Is there a way where I can define the Colors per source irrespective of the value .

Hi, It appears that this is not possible yet, see this issue:

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