Prefix Queries Using NEST API

Is there any way to analyze the prefix text as the same analyzer used in the indexing.
For example :

var searchResponse = await client.SearchAsync<Locality>(s => s.Index($"localities-{country.ToLower()}")
               .Query(q => q
                .Prefix(c => c
                .Field(p => p.Name)


We keep having to use the ToLower() function to lowecase everything which is not ideal as the analysis in the index may be different.

Giving the note Term-level queries | Elasticsearch Guide [8.2] | Elastic It's might be possible with match_bool_prefix or via tweaking normalizer for named_query if it's a keyword field.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes it is possible but we also need to include a filter in the query which none of the available options seem to allow it.