Preformatted text button doesn't (quite) work properly)

(Gregory Orange) #1

Continuing the discussion from Filebeat -> Logstash "write: broken pipe":

How do I do it? I've tried the buttons on the toolbar in the editor, and found one post which says to press Ctrl-K but I assume that's outdated because that's the keyboard shortcut for inserting a Link.

Is it staring me in the face, or hidden somewhere?

(DeDe Morton) #2

Put a line of 5 backticks before and after your code sample.


(Gregory Orange) #3

What I really wanted was for blocks of code. To achieve it, indent a block of code with four spaces, and ensure a blank line before the start of it:

like this
second line

The button "</> Preformatted text (Ctrl-Shift-C)" in the toolbar does the indenting for you, but it doesn't ensure a blank line before the start. A bug, I reckon.


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