Primary and replica shard is very different

When I check shard size through /_cat/shards, primary shard size and replica shard size is very different

index shard prirep state docs store ip node
result-search-ip-9 0 p STARTED 4418 2mb threat-inside-es-node-3
result-search-ip-9 0 r STARTED 4418 3.5mb threat-inside-es-node-2
result-search-ip-9 1 p STARTED 4392 1.4mb threat-inside-es-node-2
result-search-ip-9 1 r STARTED 4392 2mb threat-inside-es-node-3
result-search-ip-9 2 p STARTED 4360 38.7mb threat-inside-es-node-3
result-search-ip-9 2 r STARTED 4360 407.8mb threat-inside-es-node-2
result-search-ip-9 3 p STARTED 4399 1.3mb threat-inside-es-node-2
result-search-ip-9 3 r STARTED 4400 1.4mb threat-inside-es-node-3

Shard number 2 has primary and replica shard and size is 38.7mb and 407.8mb.
I think shard size between primary and replica shard should be similar.
Replica shard of result-search-ip-2 is 10 times bigger than primary shard.
I want to know why shard size is very different.

It looks as if the number of documents are the same though. You can use the cat segments endpoint to check if the segments are the same.

Also, which elasticsearch version is this?

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