Primary Shard Distribution

I have an ES cluster of 3 servers where indexes are configured with 5
shards and 2 replicas (so, every index has 5 primary shards and 10 replica
shards, with 5 shards allocated to each server). I have just upgraded from
1.0.0 to 1.3.4 by stopping one server at a time, updating ES then
re-starting it, waiting for all of the unallocated shards to initialize on
the updated server.

Before performing the upgrade, the primary shards for each index were
distributed evenly amongst the 3 ES servers, but now every primary shard is
allocated to a single server. This appears to be causing an issue with
snapshots as the server holding all of the primary shards is doing all the
work to push a snapshot out to S3 while the other 2 servers are doing
nothing - with even primary shard distribution each of the servers would be
doing part of the work.

Is there a way to ask ES to re-allocate the primary shards evenly amongst
all the servers (like you get on a new index creation) so we can spread our
snapshot load around?

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